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Modtronix Wiki

Welcome to the Modtronix Wiki pages. For a full list of available pages, see the sitemap. We encourage all users to add to these pages. Simply register, and you will be able to create and edit pages.

Modifying Pages

To modify any of the pages, please register by clicking here. Once we approve your request, you can edit the Modtronix Wiki pages.


Our wiki uses DokuWiki, click here to see the Wiki syntax.

Additionally we have some plugins installed that use their own syntax. Current plugins are:

  • Gallery: For displaying pictures, click here for documentation.
  • Imagebox: To add a border and decription to the standard DokuWiki images, just add [] to normal systax. See this page for details.
  • Wrap Plugin: For various page formatting, click here for documentation(Discussions here).
  • FontColor Plugin: For setting text color, click here for documentation.
  • InlineTOC Plugin: Add a inline TOC to any page by adding {{INLINETOC}}, click here for documentation.


For details on inserting images using the standard DokuWiki syntax, see

Register to create/edit pages

Contributions to our site will be greatly appreciated. We can also offer free hardware for posting projects on our Wiki. To register, please send following details to use via our Contact Page.

  • Username
  • Displayed Name
  • Email (your email will NOT be visible online!)


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