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 +===== PT4IM =====
 +{{ :​products:​imod:​pt4im.jpg?​direct&​200|}}
 +This Wiki page contains additional information for the Modtronix [[http://​​pt4im|PT4IM]] board. Please feel free to [[:​start|register and improve this page]] - user contributions are greatly appreciated!
 +The PT4IM is a prototype board with 4 [[http://​​products-imod|iMod]] ports and prototyping space. Each iMod port has space for standard 0.7", or wide 0.9" iMod modules. An additional 5th iMod can be mounted on the left side of the board.
 +This board is 72mm wide, and can be assembled in a 72mm DIN rail PCB carrier. They are available from many sources.
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
 +===== Schematic and PCB files =====
 +The Eagle (v6.4.0) sch and pcb can be downloaded here(you might have to right click to download):​\\
 +[[http://​​prod/​pt4im/​pt4im-r1.sch|Eagle schematic(*.sch file)]] and [[http://​​prod/​pt4im/​pt4im-r1.brd|Eagle PCB(*.brd file)]].
 +===== Example Photos =====
 +Below are some examples of this board with different iMod modules.
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