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This Wiki page will soon contains additional information for the future Modtronix NZ32-S303 board.

!!!!! This is a future product, and is NOT available yet !!!!!

This will be a very low cost version of our current NZ32-SC151 board. It will not have the battery charger, regulator and monitoring circuitry available on the NZ32-SC151 board. It will require 5V power, either via pin headers or Micro USB connector(USB connector only for power, this board will NOT have a USB port).

One new feature this board will have is a 8-way DIP switch located at the bottom of the board, where current battery connector is on the NZ32-SC151. This can be used for setting the boards address when used in network applications. For example, wireless node, Semtech SX1276/SX1278 LoRa node, RS485 node, CAN Bus node…..

This board will be assembled with the low cost STM32F030C8T6 Microcontroller with 64K Flash and 8K RAM. It will have identical dimensions, and very similar pin-outs to our current NZ32-SC151 board.

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