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This page contains some links to source code and projects for programming the Modtronix inAir4, inAir9 and inAir9B LoRa modules with Semtech SX1276 and SX1278 chips.


There are a lot of example projects and libraries available on There are also some official libraries published by Semtech. The following seems to be some of the best libraries:

  • The SX1276Lib Library has a lot of functionality, but is quite complex. It requires the target CPU to configure all I/O ports connected to the DIOx pins of the SX1276/8 chip as interrupts.
  • The SX127x Library seems to be a simplified version of the “SX1276Lib Library” listed above. It does not use interrupts on the target CPU, and in stead polls the SX1276/8 chip for interrupts on it's DIOx pins.

The following project use the libraries listed above:

  • The simple SX1276PingPong applications uses the SX1276Lib Library to create a simple ping-pong application between two radio nodes.
  • The chat_sx127x application is a UART console test application using the “SX127x library”. It provides a serial console at 57600bps.
  • The hid_test| application is a USB bridge between SX1272 or SX1276 transceiver chip and PC GUI.


  • Example project using Arduino with an Modtronix inAir board is located here.

Raspberry Pi

  • An interesting project using the inAir (inAir4, inAir9 or inAir9B) modules with the Raspberry Pi and Python is located here.
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