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 +===== NZ32-SEM411 =====
 +This Wiki page will soon contains additional information for the future Modtronix <​html><​!--[[http://​​nz32-sc151|NZ32-SC151]]--></​html>​ NZ32-SAC030 board.
 +<fc #​ff0000>​**!!!!! This is a future product, and is NOT available yet !!!!!**</​fc>​
 +This will be a **high performance** version of our current [[products:​nz-stm32:​nz32-sc151|NZ32-SC151]] board. It will not have the battery charger and monitoring circuitry available on the [[products:​nz-stm32:​nz32-sc151|NZ32-SC151]] board.
 +It will have an external 4 MByte FLASH and 8KByte EEPROM connected to the SPI bus.
 +This board will be assembled with the high performance STM32F411RE Microcontroller with 512K Flash and 128K RAM. It will have identical dimensions, and very similar pin-outs to our current [[products:​nz-stm32:​nz32-sc151|NZ32-SC151]] board.
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