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 +===== PT4NZ-STM32 =====
 +{{gallery>​ :​products:​nz-stm32:​pt4nz_top.jpg?​lightbox}}
 +This Wiki page contains additional information for the Modtronix [[http://​​pt4nz-stm32|PT4NZ-STM32]] board. Please feel free to [[:​start|register and improve this page]] - user contributions are greatly appreciated!
 +This is a base board for our [[http://​​products-nz-stm32|STM32 NZ range]] of boards. It had four [[http://​​products-imod|iMod]] ports, and provides a 6 pin programming and debug connector that can be connected to our [[http://​​pgm-nucleo.html|PGM-NUCLEO]] programmer/​debugger,​ or [[http://​​pgm6nc.html|PGM6NC]] adapter board.
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
 +===== Schematic and PCB files =====
 +The Eagle (v6.4.0) sch and pcb can be downloaded here(you might have to right click to download):​\\
 +[[http://​​prod/​pt4nz/​pt4nz-r1.sch|Eagle schematic(*.sch file)]] and [[http://​​prod/​pt4nz/​pt4nz-r1.brd|Eagle PCB(*.brd file)]].
 +===== Example Photos =====
 +Below are some examples of this board with different iMod modules.
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